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Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Congratulations to our very own students under VANTAGE TUTOR who both scored high A1s for the first time in their 2022 Mid-Year Exams!

We worked hard together to achieve the results. I'm sure the 2 of you had fun doing algebra revision with me. We celebrate our victory together. However, it is my job to keep their feet on the ground and minimize complacency amongst our students.

In the first half of Sec 2 math, the syllabus focused largely on algebra manipulation and algorithm. After the June holidays, there will be a transition away from that. Algebra manipulation would just be part of the question. For example, in order to solve for the radius of a cone with the given volume, shifting of variables to solve an algebra expression is required. The focus of the 2nd half of Sec 2 Math would largely revolve around application to real life.

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Table of Content:

1. Shapes, shapes, shapes!

Firstly, students will notice a key difference in the questions asked of them. Instead of seeing just algebra expressions, questions would be presented with a diagram. Triangles, squares or any form of polygons would be presented as part of the question.

Students would then be taught congruency and similarity, trigonometry, and Pythagoras' theorem. All this may sound intimidating but these topics simply provide you with more tools to solve questions based on existing knowledge. For example, trigonometry and Pythagoras' theorem revolve around right-angled triangles only - a shape you have been dealing with since your PSLE days!

2. Volume and Area

After you have mastered "shapes", you would be introduced to 3D models such as cones, pyramids, and spheres. You will be taught the formulas for volume and area of the various 3D models and expected to solve for measurements just like you did during your PSLE Math. Similarly, clear diagrams would be presented.

Volume and area (also known as mensuration) have been the bread and butter of many students since their Singapore Math days. Most students excel at mensuration since their primary school days. With minimal wordplay and a clear diagram presented, students are able to grasp the question and concept relatively quickly.

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3. Probability

Finally, my personal favorite - probability.

Probability is the quantifying of your odds of achieving the desired outcome. Students would be introduced to how we can calculate and compare the odds of outcomes. This would give students a taste of how decision-making can be made through math.

It can be interesting and fun given that probability can be applied to games and gambling. Furthermore, questions are easy to comprehend and minimal workings are required. Students usually score full credit for probability questions. Put all the aforementioned together, and probability becomes the favorite for Sec 2 students taking Math easily.

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Secondary 2 Math is not a walk in the park

We, at VANTAGE TUTOR, have struggled and walked through a similar path to students when they were students themselves. We understand where you fall short and in hindsight, we also realized how we could have done better for our Sec 2 Math.

Sec 2 Math is rather important for a variety of reasons. The A1 distinction score is not just to secure us the subject combination that we desire. But sec 2 math also sets the foundation for your A Math and E Math in upper secondary. Every subsequent academic level is an extrapolation of existing concepts. If you struggle at the foundation level, the subsequent levels would be a struggle to manage.

Currently, as tutors, we don’t want you to walk the same path we did with no one to direct us. We would direct you toward the right path and also set you up for success by going at your pace during class. We will achieve basic mastery before applying to problem-based questions. Furthermore, our tutors have a track record in helping students improve in Math for N level, O level, A level, and even IP! So hesitate no more, contact us today!

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