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Chen Yao Le

Achievements and Experience


Yangzheng Primary School (1999 - 2005)

  • Aggregate T-score - 213

  • 2 Distinctions in PSLE for English and Chinese

Bowen Secondary School (2005 - 2008)

  • 2008 O level L1R5 - 12 (Raw)

  • 4 Distinctions in English, Chinese, A Math, E Math

Tampines Junior College (2009 - 2010)

  • 2010 A level - 85 RP

  • 3 H2 Distinctions in Math, Chemistry, Econs

  • Top student of 09S19

  • TPJC Honour's list mention

National University of Singapore, NUS (2013 July - 2017 July)

  • Major in Chemistry

  • Minor in Environmental Chemistry 

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours)

University of Toronto, UofT (2016 Jan - 2016 Jun)

  • 1 of 5 students selected by NUS to enroll into Joint Minor Programme in Environmental Chemistry with UofT

Tutoring (2017 - Present)

  • 2 Year Contract tutor at tuition centre (2017 - 2019)

  • Well versed in both group tuition and 1 - 1 tuition

  • Experienced tutoring Math, Science and Chinese for PSLE

  • Experienced tutoring Math, Chemistry, Physics and Biology for IP, N and O level syllabus. (GCE & GCSE)

  • Experienced tutoring H2 Math, H2 Chem and H2 Econs for A level

  • Experienced tutoring HL Chem and Math for IB exam

  • Proven track record with testimonials of students from all academic backgrounds (RI, HCI, NYJC, ASRJC, YIJC, TMJC, ACSI, NYGH, RGS, CHS, SNGS, SOTA)

Subject Expertise

  • Math (P1 ~ JC2/IB Yr 12)

  • Science (P3 ~ Sec 2)

  • Chemistry (Sec 3 ~ Undergraduate Degree)

  • Physics (Sec 3 ~ Sec 4)

  • Biology (Sec 3 ~ Sec 4)

  • Chinese (P1 ~ P6)

*Includes N/O level and IP syllabus


Mr Chen spent 4 years in National University of Singapore (NUS) where he pursued a Degree in Science. Initially, he only majored in Chemistry, which was his passion in JC.

Mr Chen's experiences stretches beyond the shores of Singapore. In his freshman year (2014), he was part of the 30 student group who was selected to embark on EURIP, a 1 month long program jointly organized by NUS Chemistry Department & CPE Lyon. 

Once again, in August 2015, he was 1 of 5 students selected by the Chemistry Department to embark on a Joint-Minor Degree Program in Environmental Chemistry with University of Toronto (UofT).

Mr Chen spent 6 months (January 2016 ~ June 2016) in UofT where he was taken under the wings of Professors who were from NASA.

In Mr Chen's final year in NUS, he successfully completed his Honours' year doing a project on Pedagogy under the mentorship of Assoc. Prof. Simon Watts, who was the same person to select Mr Chen to be part of the Minor Degree program. His project was on Pedagogy methods where he was tasked to study how NUS students value the various teaching styles on offer by different Professors by reviewing comments and scores in "Teaching Reports" in NUS.

Finally, in July 2017, Mr Chen graduated with a Degree in Science, major in Chemistry and a minor in Environmental Chemistry.


Upon graduation, Mr Chen intended to take a year off to focus on other aspects of his life. In the initial few months after graduation, he participated in odd & freelance jobs to expand his horizon and satiate his curiosity in different industries.

Mr Chen eventually stumbled onto tutoring in November 2017. Despite having no prior experience, he was accepted in one sitting of an interview with AEDNO Learning Studio and eventually offered a 2 year contract in December 2017.

In Mr Chen's budding years as a tutor, he learnt to manage a class of 9 students, of varying levels, streams and subjects. He had to manage his time hopping from one student to another, teaching Math, Chemistry, Physics and Biology, with minimal lapses. It was even more challenging when he was tasked to teach IGCSE, IB and Diploma programs that he had no experience in. However, it is precisely through such challenges, Mr Chen grew exponentially.

In addition, Mr Chen learnt to write questions on the spot to challenge student's understanding and he also learnt to probe and poke at student's level of understanding through his multi-level of sharp questions. It is only after Mr Chen's vote of confidence, student will then be allowed to tackle the subsequent tiers of questions from a variety of resources during tuition.

Sole Proprietor of VANTAGE TUTOR

During his 2 year stint and the year after his contract expired, Mr Chen continued to teach tuition to students on a 1:1 basis. His experience at a tuition centre was highly valued by many students and parents despite his minimal teaching experience.

Mr Chen saw his growth and value as a tutor accelerate in 2020 when he, through the persuasion of his 2018 O level students, took on Junior College assignments. His O level students who eventually entered a JC and a JC2, understood he was a work in progress and yet, they persisted. 

Mr Chen could not rely on his 3 H2 distinctions in Math, Chem & Econs from the 2010 A levels to pull him through. He had to remaster and update his knowledge based on the new syllabus in a short time frame and deliver it immaculately during tuition. Low & behold, his first 4 A level & International Baccalaureate (IB) exams assignments in 2020 were all 'A'.

In addition to the fresh challenge of A level assignments, Integrated Program (IP) Math and Science tuition were taken on by Mr Chen as well. His first IP tuition assingment was a IP4 student from RI, in A/E Math, Chemistry and Physics. The said student eventually graduated with >93% in A/E Math and A1 in Chemistry and Physics.

Today, Mr Chen continues to tutor several IP, A/O/N levels, IB and other diploma students in a range of subjects. Amongst his former students who graduated, he spots potential talent to groom into teachers. He currently runs a panel of tutors whom he delegates assignments to. He never stops learning, teaching and challenging himself to take on harder assignments.

Distinction rate:
A level/ IB/ Diploma : 75%

O level / N level : 60%
IP1 ~ IP4 : 50%

*Updated as of 25th February 2022*

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Cadence Siow

Achievements and Experience


Pei Chun Public School (2010 - 2013)

  • Raised in Canada, Vancouver

  • Returning student and enrolled into PCPS

  • Identified for enrolment into GEP after selection test

Nanyang Primary School (2013 - 2015)

  • 4 Distinctions in PSLE for English, Math, Chinese, Science

Nanyang Girl's High School, IP (2016 - 2019)

  • Integrated Programme

  • Higher Music Programme

  • Advanced Mathematics Training Programme

  • Singapore Math Olympiad - Silver

  • R&D Enrichment Programme

Hwa Chong Institution (2020 - 2021)

  • CENTAD Research Programme 

  • 4 H2 Subject Combination (Math, Chemistry, Physics, Music)

  • 5 Distinctions in Math, Chemistry, Physics, General Paper, PW


  • Grade 8 Distinction ABRSM Piano and Music Theory in 2018 and 2019 respectively

  • Selected to represent Singapore in ABRSM’s Third Global High Scorer’s Concert for DipABRSM 2020

  • Active member in both school and community band (Flute)

  • H2 Music as A level subject combination


Tutoring (2021 Dec - Present)

  • Experienced and currently tutoring Piano to 2 students

  • Experienced and currently tutoring O level & A level Math, Chemistry & Physics to 4 students

  • Subject Expertise

  • Math (P1 ~ JC2/IB Yr 12

  • Science (P3 ~ Sec 2)

  • Chemistry (Sec 3 ~ Sec 4)

  • Physics (Sec 3 ~ JC2/IB Yr 12)

  • Music

Primary School

Miss Cadence was raised in Canada, Vancouver during her developing years before she returned back to Singapore for a better education system. She was enrolled into the reputable Pei Chun Primary School.

Miss Cadence developed a keen sense for Math since her toddler years where she would compose math worksheet independently. Her keen sense for Math was highlighted during the Gifted Education Programme (GEP) selection test. Upon recommendation of the school, she was transferred to the prestigious Nanyang Primary School (NYPS) on merit of her talents.

Miss Cadence spent her remaining primary school education in the Math GEP NYPS. She graduated with 4 distinctions in her PSLE.

Secondary School and JC

Miss Cadence’s continued to stand out with her talent in Math even when she enrolled into the prestigious Nanyang Girl’s High School Integrated Programme (IP). She was, once again, selected to participate in various programmes such as R&D Enrichment Programme and the Advanced Mathematics and Singapore Mathematics Olympiad training. She was awarded a Silver medal. Throughout her 4 years in NYGH, she was consistently scoring distinctions in Math.

After 4 fruitful years in NYGH, she eventually moved on to Hwa Chong Institute (HCI) to prepare for the A level examinations. Cadence has a vision of herself becoming an engineer and hence took up the subject combination of 4 H2 in Physics, Chemistry, Math and Music. Her keen interest in Math and Physics continued to grow and once again she was selected to participate in CENTAD Research Programme. The programme saw her attend a level 1 University Math module at NUS.

Cherine Fok

Achievements and Experience


Jing Shan Primary School

  • PSLE Aggregate - 235 

  • Distinction in English, Science, Chinese

  • EM1 Stream

Ang Mo Kio Secondary School

  • Top Scorer for Literature in English

  • Band Major in AMKSS (Euphonium)

Nanyang Junior College

  • 2011 A Level - 82.5 RP

  • Distinction in General Paper

  • Band Major in NYJC (Euphonium)

National University of Singapore

  • Major in Life Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science

Tutoring (2011 - Present)

  • Well versed in both group tuition and 1 - 1 tuition

  • Experience in tutoring English and Science for PSLE

  • Experience in tutoring for English for N and O Level Syllabus

  • Experience in tutoring non-native English speakers and students taking AEIS

Subject Expertise

  • English (P1 ~ Sec 4)

  • Science (P3 ~ P6)

  • Literature (Sec 1 ~ Sec 4)

  • General Paper

  • Biology (Sec 3 ~ Sec 4)

  • Music 


Ms Cherine’s passion is in helping students of all ages and backgrounds to achieve their goals in mastering the English language. With over 12 years of teaching experience, she provides personalised and effective lessons that cater to individual learning styles and needs.


Her approach to teaching English is both student-centric and dynamic as she understands that each student has unique challenges and strengths. She believes in creating a safe and positive learning environment that encourages students to take risks, ask questions, practice speaking, writing, and expressing themselves in English with confidence.


Her teaching methods emphasise on interactive and engaging activities, such as discussions and debates on current issues (tailored to students’ ages), games, using imagery, role-playing, and even artificial intelligence. She uses a variety of resources and materials including current news articles, popular songs, and literary works, to make the lessons relevant and interesting to students.


She also has experience in teaching non-native English speakers taking AEIS by helping these students develop the four essential language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

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