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Course Overview

Graduation Caps

Primary 1 & 2 Math

Recommended for students aged 6 to 8

New incoming students are strongly encouraged to enroll in this course to first learn the basics and foundations of Singapore Math. This course is mainly designed to encourage a paradigm shift towards considering Math problems from a different perspective. Course will include basic modes of operation and deciphering short word problems using language skills.

Outdoor Study Group

Primary 3 & 4 Math

Recommended for students aged 8 to 10

Students enrolled in this course will be introduced to fractions, ratio and shapes. Pictorial aid provided by the question are lessened and students are taught to draw illustrations independently to solve a problem. Course will include longer word problems integrating concepts such as fractions, ratio and shapes.

Researching and Writing

Primary 5 & 6 Math

Recommended for students aged 10 to 13

Students enrolled in this course will be introduced to percentage, mensuration and basic statistics. Students will be taught deep critical thinking to break down a math word problem and how to draw their own models to solve a question. Course will include all preceding concepts integrated into a more complex math word problem.


The 3-Step Learning Model

  • Concrete – using physical objects to work out problems

  • Pictorial – mentally connect objects and visual representation

  • Abstract – use numbers and math symbols

While traditional Math questions require a student to simply solve a question, for example, through mechanical means of applying the 4 modes of operation. Singapore Math often sees problem-solving questions incorporating these concepts.

Mr Chen & Singapore Math

The Ideal Enrichment Course

When Mr Chen was given the opportunity to study in Canada at the University of Toronto, he ensured that he had the full academic experience. During his time in Toronto, beyond attending classes at UofT, he took the opportunity to visit a local Elementary School. He wanted to fully appreciate the differences in curriculum between his home country, Singapore and Toronto. 

During Mr Chen's short visit, he was able to see how Math was taught in Canada. He saw how most Elementary students breezed through the worksheet given, much to the credit of the class teacher. However, he also realized how students could be stretched further but were not provided the avenue to. 

Upon further research, he realized Singapore Math has already entered many countries such as US. However, only some are aware while few are had the opportunity to experience. Many of whom are using Singapore Math as enrichment for their child.

Since Mr Chen's return from Toronto, he has graduated and entered the education sector. He has firmly established himself as a Math & Science Tutor since 2017, helping students of various demographics and academic abilities to achieve their goals.

Today, with the advent of "Online Teaching", Mr Chen decided to offer any keen individual the chance to learn authentic Singapore Math despite the distance while keeping it affordable to the masses.

Singapore Math with Vantage Tutor is The Ideal Enrichment Course for your child.

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