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Algebra is a major component of math at any academic level. The heavy emphasis on fundamental algebra manipulation is the main reason why most sec 2 students struggle in math.

Questions on factorization are a major struggle for most students. Besides the concept of factorization being alien to most beginners, there is a wide variety of techniques that students would need to know. Furthermore, because of the wide variety of techniques available, the types of questions that test factorization is a wide array.

In this article, you will learn to identify the different types of questions testing factorization and the techniques applicable to it.

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Questions that require factorization through identity are rare and few. Usually, only 1 type of identity is to be recognized in such questions. The difference of squares.

Questions that require factorization via difference of squares identity is easy to recognize. Generally, such questions only have 2 terms in the expression. The 2 terms are usually perfect squares and can be square rooted. If they are not perfect squares, identify a common factor in the entire equation and extract it first. You can then insert the term which has been square rooted into the identity before going backwards into the factorized form.

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Questions that require factorization by grouping are the easiest to identify. These questions would always have 4 terms with a mixture of variables.

In order to factorize the expression, students are to form 2 pairs of terms. Subsequently, he is to extract the common factor from each pair such that an identical group is formed via the factorization of the individual pairs. Finally, the identical group is then regarded as the common factor in the equation and hence extracted to form the factorized expression.

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Multiplication Frame

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The last type of factorization question, also the most common type, is factorization by multiplication frame. Factorization by multiplication frame is a technique that is applicable to almost all questions on factorization with the exception of factorization by grouping.

Questions that require factorization by multiplication frame are generally quadratic equations. Quadratic equations refer to expressions with 2 as the highest degree of power. Unlike grouping, such questions usually have only 3 terms. The x squared term, the x term, and a constant. This technique requires a student to guess the factor and the possible combination that would lead to the expanded expression in the question.

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Factorization Can Be Easy

Factorization is a common area of struggle for most secondary 2 students. Most sec 2 math students are still uncomfortable dealing with algebra expressions. Some are still fixated on knowing the exact number and values rather than expressions, causing their transition to secondary school math to be more difficult.

We, at VANTAGE TUTOR, have a proven track record of helping students achieve their desired grades and improvements in various subjects from secondary school through to junior college.

Specifically, Mr. Chen has a strong track record of helping his students score high A1 for Sec 2 Math exams with a strong emphasis on algebra manipulation. Mr. Chen prides himself in explaining techniques and concepts revolving around algebra immaculately. He understood student's struggles as he had been on the same path in lower secondary school math.

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