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River Valley High School 2018 H2 Chemistry Paper 2

Updated: May 27

This is the short summary of the Prelim Paper Review I've done for

My 3 matrices:

Relevance: 7.5/10

Insightfulness: 7.5/10

Difficulty: 7.5/10

Overall: 6.5/10

Expectation: 65%

Key questions to consider:

Question 2 - Contextual Question, Organic Chemistry Application, Chemical Calculations

Question 5 - Application of Organic Synthesis.

Short writeup:

In our latest review, we explore the River Valley High School H2 Chemistry Prelim Paper 2, an intimidating challenge for the average student.

While not the most groundbreaking, this paper includes an anchor question and various application questions, primarily covering Transition Metals and Organic Synthesis—key topics also found in the 2023 H2 Chemistry Paper 4 (Practical Exam).

Unlike other prelim papers, this one provides manageable information without overwhelming students. Despite its length, much of the content serves as distractions, which is a common challenge in recent H2 Chemistry exams—processing relevant information effectively. However, this paper strikes a balance without overdoing it.

The real insights lie in the minor details of the questions. To fully benefit, students need to engage deeply with the paper, focusing on these subtleties.

This paper is ideal for students intimidated by contextual and application questions or those who struggle with stamina towards the end of the exam. It prepares students for their A-levels by training them to handle lengthy calculations and information processing. Overall, it's an excellent resource for timed practice for the average student.

Check out our detailed analysis and follow us for more expert tips to boost your A-level Chemistry performance!

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