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Mr Chen's anecdotes.


It is that time of the year.

Every student has received their report book for their overall score for the respective subjects. Parents are able to see how well they performed in each individual subject. Some are happy with what they see, some are disappointed while others are just outright worried.

Some parents are deliberating over engaging a private tutor. Many are using Google search engines and simply punching in "private tutor". In a matter of seconds, a whole host of tuition agencies claiming to provide you with the best tutors would then appear.

You're overwhelmed.

You're confused.

But before you make that decision to engage an agent to help you seek the perfect ideal tutor while your mind is foggy, here are some cons of engaging a tutor through an agent.

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Tuition agencies are known to boast about their no-commission-levied-on-client policy. They will seek out a list of tutors based on your preference of demographics. You are given the absolute freedom of choice to hand-pick your ideal tutor based on qualification, experience, and track record from a list of 10 tutors. The best part - it's absolutely free!

The above is only a partial truth.

The commission is levied on the tutor. The tuition agency receives a 50% cut of the total fees in the first month of the tuition assignment.

We are all humans and selfish. Tutors are not stupid. After all, they are academically inclined and likely to be intelligent. These tutors are unlikely to hand 50% of their first month without doing some basic calculations for their long-term benefit. Often, this long-term benefit that they seek for is an extra-orbitant rate. The rate that he seeks would be higher than his usual rate for students who enrolled through referral or his own marketing.

You may enjoy the short-term benefit but going through an agency is likely to cost you through small nibbling consistently throughout the year.

Questionable Tutors

"That's not true. I can easily pick a tutor who is not only ideal in terms of profile but economical as well."

You're right but consider this.

If the tutor is willing to charge lower than his competitors, what does it demonstrate about his current predicament? I'm not a speculator. I don't gamble. But logic would suggest he or she is likely to be inexperienced or at a low point in their tutoring career.

Furthermore, tuition assignments are posted in a group chat for all to see. Anyone can apply. Agents can claim that they have done a thorough check on their background and verified their certifications.

However, the portfolio they claim to have, and the track record they claim to have established, can be fabricated. Even if it is not, tutors such as Mr Chen are likely to drop the assignment given the trouble. Not only do I have to pay a commission, I still have to justify myself and possibly even attend an interview? No thanks.

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Conflict of Interest

"If it doesn't work out, I will simply engage the agent again for service recovery! They say it will be free and they sound happy to help!"

Of course, they would, you moron.

That would just mean more commission for them!

Let's be clear. Agencies are not doing this as charity because they are god sent. They are in the industry that they are because there is money to be made. If you happen to be the lucky star who happened to get your absolute ideal tutor at the price point that you desire, you are unlikely to return to them for service. Even if your friends were looking for a tutor, it is likely you would simply refer the said tutor instead of referring them to an agency.

Mr Chen is that amazing after all.

In other words, if everything falls into place, they only profit from that one-time payment. Ever.

Therefore, it is in their best interest if you ask for another tutor. They still receive 50% of the first lesson's payment if it didn't turn out well. This is also the reason why only newer and inexperienced tutors are likely to accept tuition assignments from an agency. It is also the reason why tuition agencies are ready to promote new and inexperienced tutors. It is likely that both will benefit from the transaction.

However, this is largely false for an established tutor and a parent unless the parent is able to afford the price point above the market rate.

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How Should I Go About Engaging A Tutor Then?

We, at VANTAGE TUTOR, have ran out own social media marketing.

We have TikTok where Mr Chen can be seen teaching in short videos.

We also have Instagram where Mr Chen showcases his testimonials and wicked sense of humor.

We also have a blog where Mr Chen writes about his experience in school to motivate his students and for them to draw lessons from.

We also run our own social media video ads designed and produced by Mr Chen himself.

Mr Chen and his team are always on the path of consistent learning - the same teachings that he inculcates in his own tutees.

Currently, as Math and Physics tutors, we don’t want our tutees to walk the same path we did with no one to direct us. We would direct you toward the right path and also set you up for success by going at your pace during class. We will achieve basic mastery before applying to problem-based questions. Furthermore, our Math and Physics tutors have a track record in helping students improve in Math for N level, O level, A level, and even IP!

So hesitate no more, contact us today!

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