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Pasir Ris Secondary School 2023 Pure Chemistry Paper 2

This is the short summary of the Prelim Paper Review I've done for

My 3 matrices:

Relevance: 5/10

Insightfulness: 2/10

Difficulty: 2/10

Overall: 3/10

Expectation: 90%

Questions worth trying in the paper:

Question 11 EITHER - Application of Reversible Reactions

Short writeup:

The 2023 Pasir Ris Secondary School Pure Chemistry Paper 2 is tailored for students who need foundational support in Chemistry. This paper focuses on straightforward questions that require textbook answers, with minimal application-based queries. It ensures that students can build a solid understanding of basic concepts without feeling overwhelmed.

Meeting the essential requirements of an O-level prelim paper, this exam offers fair mark allocations and covers all topics equally, with a familiar question structure. As a result, most students will find it manageable to achieve a respectable score.

I highly recommend this paper for students who have struggled to pass previous Pure Chemistry exams. It’s an excellent resource for building basic foundations and familiarizing oneself with answering techniques before moving on to more challenging papers.

For more detailed insights and to enhance your Chemistry skills, follow our blog and TikTok channel for expert tips and reviews.

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