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How to enjoy the process of studying

Let's face it, as students, a large part of our days are spent studying.

It's something that we all have to deal with, and sometimes, studying just feels like a chore (been there, done that).

But since we have no way out but to study, we might as well make full use of the process of studying. Why be miserable, when you can possibly enjoy it?

Enjoying studying is easier than you think.

It all boils down to how you look at studying

In short, your mindset matters.

The way you approach your study materials will determine how much you enjoy it.

Many of us look at our textbooks and notes as a means to an end - the end being our exams. Unfortunately, this is the way the education system is. We have little choice but to go through exams as checkpoints for our learning progress.

Studying can easily become one of the things that we do for the sake of doing it. We're only studying to pass or ace our exams and nothing else.

And this is what makes studying bland.

So.. what can we do about that?

Try being curious instead

Being curious is part of human nature.

We did not go from stone age to modern civilisation without a good measure of human curiosity after all.

Start by being curious about the materials that you are currently studying.

I remember the first time that I learnt about atoms.

The first thing I did was to stare at my own hands thinking, "What do you mean? That these flesh and bones are just... atoms? How do they even know where to stop existing?! How do these atoms even know where to be, such that they form the lines on my palms or the veiny ridges on the back of my hands?"

These thoughts made me want to know more than before.

Start with baby steps - you'll find yourself enjoying studying after some time

toddler walking

What are you studying today?

Start by being curious with that. You'd be surprised at how easy being curious in. You're leaning into your human instincts, after all.

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