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Mr Chen's anecdotes.


It is that time of the year.

Every student has received their report book for their overall score for the respective subjects. Parents are able to see how well they performed in each individual subject throughout the year. Some are happy with what they see, some are disappointed while others are just outright worried.

Parents and students start looking around for external help - hoping it would turn the tide around for their child's results. You start googling for "tuition centres ranking", hoping to find the best fit for your child. No doubt, tuition acts as a booster academic booster. You're investing more time and effort and it should bear fruit.

However, parents and their children would need to decide if home private tuition or classes at tuition centres would suit their children better.

In this article, we will examine another case study and my advice to this student

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Case study 2: Bella - the underachiever

Bella has been scraping by in Secondary 3. Her scores for Additional Math and Combined Sciences (Chemistry/Physics) subjects tend to hover between 45-55 marks. She passes them most of the time and her teacher have always feedback, through the report book and Parent-Teacher-Meet, that they are confident Bella is capable of better results.

According to Bella's parents, Bella isn't an ill-disciplined child. She is guilty of spending too much time on social media, affecting her attention span but she still does her work and submits them punctually the majority of the time. Her parents are considering sending her for tuition. They have been on Google searching for Math, Chemistry, and Physics tutors. However, they are still deliberating between private tuition or enrolling her in a tuition centre.

What we think:

We at VANTAGE TUTOR have seen many students who fail to fulfill their potential. Every generation of students faces a different distraction. For this generation, it happens to be social media. Social media is a tool that we must learn to accept and manage appropriately. Bella is not the only student who struggles with school due to poor time management.

I'm guilty of this too - on TikTok

For such students, it would be better to enroll them in private tuition. Bella is likely to have a short attention span and her mind drifts in class rather often. This is the main reason why students with no discipline problems in school tend to struggle.

Truth be told, it would be best if you engage a dedicated tutor to coach them personally. Having a 1-to-1 session forces the student to engage with the tutor. Such settings work best when student feels comfortable and vibes well with said tutor.

Furthermore, having a private tutor is akin to having a personal assistant. We, at VANTAGE TUTOR, plan out our battle plan with the student for the upcoming national exams. We follow the plan closely and adjust if need be. The tutee would only need to follow the plan closely and work hard together with the tutor in order to achieve the desired results.

Mr Chen has met many "Bellas" in his career thus far

We, at VANTAGE TUTOR, have struggled and walked through a similar path to students when they were students themselves. Students such as Bella usually require someone they can build a friendly relationship with so that the attention can be sustained throughout a class. They need someone to retrieve their attention back to academia after taking a break by conversing about things outside of school.

In Mr Chen's 5 years of tutoring, he has built a strong rapport with many students. He is a strong believer in rapport before results. Rapport is the key to assisting a student toward his or her goals. Tutee and tutor must develop a high level of mutual understanding and chemistry before knowledge can be absorbed.

Currently, as Math and Physics tutors, we don’t want you to walk the same path we did with no one to direct us. We would direct you toward the right path and also set you up for success by going at your pace during class. We will achieve basic mastery before applying to problem-based questions. Furthermore, our Math and Physics tutors have a track record in helping students improve in Math for N level, O level, A level, and even IP!

So hesitate no more, contact us today!

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