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Mr Chen's anecdotes.


Updated: Nov 23, 2022

It is that time of the year.

Every student has received their report book for their overall score for the respective subjects. Parents are able to see how well they performed in each individual subject throughout the year. Some are happy with what they see, some are disappointed while others are just outright worried.

Parents and students start looking around for external help - hoping it would turn the tide around for their child's results. You start googling for "tuition centres ranking", hoping to find the best fit for your child. No doubt, tuition acts as a booster academic booster. You're investing more time and effort and it should bear fruit.

However, parents and their children would need to decide if home private tuition or classes at tuition centres would suit their children better.

In this article, we will examine 1 case study and my advice to this student

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Case study 1: Abraham - the average student

Abraham is a student in an above-average neighborhood school. He does his homework and submits it on time. Teachers never had a bad word to say about him during Parent-Teacher-Meet. His scores are always near the level average with occasional failure. But most of the time, he doesn't stand out and garner attention from teachers. His End-Of-Year result was nothing spectacular and he did pass all his subjects with an average B4 grade.

His parents and teachers, however, see potential in him to perform better. They are considering tuition but worry that it may prove counterproductive. They did not want to rock the boat by giving Abraham additional pressure. At the same time, they want to stretch him. Hence, they have decided to send him for tuition. But home private tuition or group tuition at a tuition centre?

What we think:

We at VANTAGE TUTOR have seen many students who fail to fulfill their potential. Very often, such students lack self-motivation and usually need a kick up the butt occasionally. Mr Chen, himself, was like that as a student. He understood most contents taught in school and always delivered his work punctually. However, he never saw the need to excel until JC2 at Tampines Junior College.

Students like Abraham may not benefit the most from going to a tuition centre. Most would argue that such students would not require 1-to-1 personalized coaching because they are not struggling. That is true. However, sending Abraham to a centre crowded with 20 other students would feel no different from school. If the environment is no different from school, his behavior towards academics is unlikely to change.

In fact, it may prove counterproductive when he feels going to school and tuition is just a chore. Tuition would feel like a burden, not a boon, adding on to his stress and fatigue while not changing his attitude toward academics. Ultimately, his results would not improve.

Mr Chen was just like Abraham

We, at VANTAGE TUTOR, have struggled and walked through a similar path to students when they were students themselves. We understand where you fall short and in hindsight, we also realized how we could have done better for our A Math and E Math coordinate geometry.

Currently, as Math and Physics tutors, we don’t want you to walk the same path we did with no one to direct us. We would direct you toward the right path and also set you up for success by going at your pace during class. We will achieve basic mastery before applying to problem-based questions. Furthermore, our Math and Physics tutors have a track record in helping students improve in Math for N level, O level, A level, and even IP!

So hesitate no more, contact us today!

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