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Comparing Math Curricula: Why Singapore Math Stands Out in Canadian Classrooms

Singapore Math has gained popularity in recent times. It has been introduced to home-schooled children and some institutes in Canada and The United States. Parents and educators outside of Singapore are starting to appreciate the breadth and depth of Singapore Math. Here are some reasons why Singapore Math stands out in North America.


1. Use of heuristics

(functioning as singular) maths logic a method or set of rules for solving problems other than by algorithm

Singapore Math is largely based on heuristics. Most questions would require a decent command of English to break down questions into simple arithmetic ones. For example, students are required to identify “more than” in a question and hence, understand that there is a difference between 2 numbers.

Such skills are not frequently applied in Math outside of Singapore. For example, exam papers from local schools in Kingston do not present word problems similar to those in Singapore Math. Most questions revolve around simple computation of numbers and most students can breeze through them.

Hence, students may not see the real-world application of Math.

2. Similar yet different

Universally, Math is largely the same. A student is still required to learn the 4 modes of operation, shapes, and geometry. Math, in both Singapore and Canada, includes the above as part of the curriculum.

Based on my experience, students based in Kingston and Toronto, c grasp the aforementioned topics rather well. However, they struggle with word problems – the key difference between Singapore Math and the rest of the world.

Hence, when students attend our Singapore Math class, we focus on solving word problems and not just simple arithmetic questions. Students usually would struggle at first due to unfamiliarity and experience with heuristics. However, once the word problem has been broken down and presented in the form of models, they can apply the basic math skills of modes of operation to finally arrive at the correct answer.

Singapore Math is going to be different but yet, Math learnt in Canada is still highly relevant and applicable.

3. The perfect enrichment

Singapore Math offers a different perspective to Math compared to counterparts in Vancouver, Toronto and Kingston. It requires students to appreciate Math and consider its real-world application through solving word problems.

Parents have realized their child can apply Math in their casual discussion of age differences and whatnot. At the same time, improvements have been observed in their child’s school exams.

Singapore Math can stretch a student beyond what they learnt in school without applying excessive pressure on academic performance.

Wait no more!

With the advent of online teaching, Mr Chen has been getting more and more enquiries about Singapore Math from various regions of Canada.

Kingston, Toronto, Vancouver.

Despite the time difference, Mr Chen can accommodate as far as he can in order to impart heuristics and critical thinking skills to keen learners who aspire to be more than what is expected of them.

Join us and allow Mr Chen to develop your child into A Class Above The Rest.

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