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Can you solve these Singapore Math word problems?

In today's post, we are challenging you to try out some of the questions Singapore Math style. These are the questions that we often use as teaser word problems for our students.

Are you ready for the challenge?

1. Sheldon and his comic books

Sheldon bought some comic books. He gave Leonard 3/5 of the comic books and he gave 1/2 of the remainder to Raj. If he bought 350 comic books, how many comic books would he have left in the end?

2. John and his strawberries

John visited a field of strawberries and he plucked some strawberries. He used 3/7 of he strawberries to bake some cupcakes for Paul and Ringo, and gave 1/6 of the remaining to George. If John plucked 42 strawberries, how many strawberries would he have in the end?

3. David and his soccer balls

David had some soccer balls. He donated 2/3 of the soccer balls on Monday. He then donated 6/9 of the remainder and an extra 15 on Tuesday. On Wednesday, he donated 3/4 of the remainder and an extra 25. David then kept the remaining 12 soccer balls for his own training. How many soccer balls did he have at first?

How many word problems did you manage to solve?

Singapore Math - an enriching way to enhance your child's learning experience

Singapore Math features a wide curriculum specifically designed to encourage students to solve problems mathematically by thinking critically and by applying knowledge.

If you would like your child to learn how to solve these questions in a structured and systematic manner, indicate your interest here.

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