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Anglican High School 2021 A Math Paper 1 & 2

Updated: Jun 11

This is the short summary of the Prelim Paper Review I've done for

2021 Anglican High School A Math Paper 1 & 2

My 3 matrices:

Relevance: 7/10

Insightfulness: 9/10

Difficulty: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

Expectation: 60%

Key questions to consider: 

Paper 1:

Question 11: Discriminant, Inequalities

Question 12: Quadratic Equations

Paper 2:

Question 5: R-formula

Question 6: Coordinate Geometry Question 12: Application of Integration, Area under Graph

Short writeup:

The 2021 Anglican High School A Math Paper 1 and 2 stand out as one of the most challenging sets of exam papers. Both papers present questions that require higher-order thinking and intricate problem-solving steps. These papers will test students' wit and tenacity, making them appear intimidating.

However, this is not a criticism but rather a testament to the value these papers offer. The questions are filled with insights that can significantly benefit students who truly understand their objectives. By grappling with these questions, students can improve their mathematical skills and deepen their understanding.

That said, the unique and insightful nature of these papers means they differ significantly from typical O-level exam papers. They are designed to stretch students and prepare them for the unexpected, assuming their foundational knowledge is solid. Therefore, weaker students may find these papers exceptionally challenging.

Overall, these papers are excellent tools for preparing above-average students for a difficult O-level exam. They are best suited for those who have already mastered the basics and are at an intermediate level of proficiency. I recommend using these papers as timed practice for students who are already performing well. For those still working towards mastery, it's better to cherry-pick questions and go through them with the guidance of a competent mentor.

If you want to go through this paper with me after I have marked it, click here to contact me and set up a one-time consultation.

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