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In our daily lives, we see application of physics. The seesaw at the playground (principles of moment), transportation (kinematics) and even music (waves). Even though there are many relatable experiences, some students are still unable to excel in physics. Here are the top 3 reasons why.

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Physics is Abstract

Physics can be rather abstract. Very often, students are introduced to laws and definitions through readings. Physics concern the abstract and immaterial side of science. Concepts like speed, acceleration, current are not tangible and hence most students are not convinced. Eventually, students gets frustrated and decide maybe physics is "just not for me".


Fortunately, most teachers in school would explain using diagrams and drawings. Some would take a step further and demonstrate the laws at play via experiments. While others show interesting YouTube videos. These are all incredible visual aids to help a student understand.

A student first has to be convinced before he can apply.

Inadequate Level of Math


For a significant number of students, Math is the bane of their existence. Unfortunately, physics is the girlfriend of that bane. Physics, for many, is the application of math. Various concepts tested require an adequate level of math skills in order to solve a physics question. In physics, beyond explanations, we are also concerned with the quantity and magnitude.

Hence, it is imperative that students are comfortable with basic mathematical algebra manipulation and calculation. Some students may have passed the first hurdle of understanding the concept but fall short at arriving at the answer due to their lack of aptitude in Math.

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Lack of Focus on Details

Any student who have sat through a physics paper would have experienced the following at least once. You read the question over and over. Regardless of the angle you consider the question from, you can’t help but scratch your head and wonder, "is there missing information?"

"Why do I not see the clue in the question?!"

In physics, a lot of information are inferred from terse phrases of questions. For example, when a question mentions constant velocity, it is to imply that there is no resultant force due to Newton’s 1st Law. Most students claim they understand the concept introduced, however, most fail to apply it when questions are phrased tersely.

A student who scores well in physics is expected to have a keen eye for detail. He needs to extract key information from short phrases and relate it to basic laws and concepts introduced to them in class.

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So… What should I do about it?

The easy way would be to drop Physics as a subject altogether. However, giving up at the first sight of defeat would not develop you as a person. If your struggle with physics has been persistent, considering consulting your teacher on a 1:1 basic. Alternatively, enroll into small group tuition or engage a private physics tutor.

"Quick, call VANTAGE TUTOR!"

Ideally, learning on a smaller scale affords students more time to grasp concepts and encourages open discussion. Furthermore, the educator is able to explain a concept at length or taking a different approach to illustrate a concept.

If you require help in physics and is looking to engage an effective tutor, look no further! We, at VANTAGE TUTOR have a proven track record of helping students achieve their desired grades and improvements in various subjects from secondary school through to junior college.

Whether it is lower secondary physics, IP physics, O level physics, N level physics or even H2 physics in A levels, we have someone ready to help you. You may find out more about Our Tutors.

Or, if you would like to purchase our physics revision package which is a compilation of questions in topical formats from a wide range of schools over the years, contact us here.

We will be more than happy to help.

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