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Ah, the amazing June holidays.

The perfect time to catch up on rest for the hardworking and well-deserved. And the perfect time to catch up on work for the complacent. June holidays can be the golden opportunity for students to catch up or speed ahead academically because of the unique dynamics it offers to both tutees and tutors.

In this article, we will examine the top 3 reasons to sign up for intensive revision during the June holidays with your tutor!

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Table Of Content:

1. Flexible Time Slots

Most tutors are able to afford flexibility during the June holidays. Unlike during the school semester, students are available for class in the morning. Tutors would usually make themselves available in the morning to increase their level of income. Hence, tutors are able to accommodate students' timing.

Students should maximize this opportunity by engaging a tutor at a time when they perform best and yet still have time for their hobbies and leisure activities.

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2. Heightened Level of Focus

Students and parents have complained to me before. Tuition after school can be incredibly tiring. Waking up at 7 and attending school for 7 hours would certainly wear out the most intelligent of individuals.

During the June holidays, students can afford the luxury of waking up later. They can feel fully rested and might even engage in some play first prior to tuition. When students attend tuition in a refreshed state, they are able to better focus and absorb more effectively during a lesson. They are less likely to be distracted and possess a heightened level of focus. Hence, intensive revision during the June holidays is likely to result in a more than proportionate amount of learning.

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3. Opportunity to Clean Up

Intensive revision is not limited to students who fall below par. It is also for students who are inches away from their academic goals.

During the school semester, tutors are largely focused on covering topics that are to be tested in the near future. They would have to develop competency while ensuring the scope of the test is covered. Very often, tutors may not have gone as in-depth as they would have liked due to the interest of time. This results in students achieving their goal barely or just short of what they wanted.

June holidays intensive revision can provide a chance for tutors to brush up and clean up the minor areas that prevent a student from achieving his best. With the intensive revision class, tutors can afford to go at a slower pace and more in-depth. They can challenge students with the most complicated question and explain it in detail after. Hence, this would help the student achieve his maximum potential.

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Tuition works best when the heart is willing

Ultimately, tuition works best when it is not forced upon. To us at VANTAGE TUTOR, the students and us, we are a team. We are mentors to guide them through while being by their side in this academic journey. We always share a good laugh. We celebrate our victories together and we grieve over our failures together.

I have a childhood friend who used to behave like this for his piano lesson

It is incredibly important to us that our tutees are able to enjoy tuition and truly appreciate the teachings taught to them. During the June holidays, some tutees could see the lesson as enrichment while others see it as a golden opportunity to catch up or speed ahead.

Regardless, We, at VANTAGE TUTOR, are known to help students achieve significant improvements in Math and Science subjects. In the most recent mid-year exams (2022), we have seen significant success in helping our sec 2 math students achieve high A1 (>80%).

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Contact us and we can deliberate together on how to best move forward with your child's academic journey.

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