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The breakout of COVID-19 has seen our life change.

Many of our activities have shifted online. From work, to family gatherings and even orientation have shifted online for the past 2 years. We have seen people becoming more and more open to the idea of virtual activities.

Tuition is no different.

Many parents were concerned about their child's performance in the lead-up to the national exam. After all, the world doesn't stop spinning just because of a virus. (Especially in Singapore where grades count more than anything). Parents became open to the idea of online tuition. For many, it started out as an experiment. For others, it became a permanent paradigm shift.

In this article, we will examine the advantage online tuition has over home tuition.

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Geographic Location

The advent of the internet has seen globalization speed up. The reason is simple. Communication is no longer restricted by geographical location. We are now able to connect and get in touch with someone across the globe.

In the context of online tuition, it is no different. Students might find their school teachers incompetent and look for a tutor. He goes on Google and searches for hours on end to find a suitable tutor. He finds a desirable tutor only to know he is too far away. The transportation time simply isn't worth it. (You're not going to fly 16 hours to learn Singapore Math from me.)

Unless you can teleport.

The option of online tuition allows a student to still learn from his desired tutor albeit in a different setting. The sense of personal touch may be minimal and the connection during a class might be different. However, the syllabus is still the same. Content delivery is likely to remain unchanged. You can now learn H2 Math, Chemistry, or any other GCE or GCSE syllabus from me.

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Tuition is different from school lectures and tutorials. Tuition is meant to help students improve and catch up on content that they have failed to absorb. Or that, their school teachers have failed to deliver competently. Hence, it is imperative that students learn and internalize during tuition, even more so than during school curriculum hours.

Online tuition offers one clear benefit above home tuition or physical classes.

You can have class in the most comfortable setting to your liking. You can have aromatherapy through a diffuser while having class. You are seated in your favorite Secret Lab chair surrounded by familiar sights, smells, and sounds of your living space. There really is no limit to how you change your environment to your liking.

Ideally, having a conducive personalized environment would increase your level of comfort. It would help you feel more at ease and therefore, more receptive to content delivered to you. You no longer need an adjustment period to your new environment. You can jump right in and focus on what's important. Learning.

(Imagine learning H2 Chemistry - Organic Mechanism Reaction with me while having a plushie on your lap.)

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Easy to review materials

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When students struggle, they will always run to Google or YouTube. The amount of content is endless. More importantly, the content is always there.

For online classes at VANTAGE TUTOR, our classes are conducted over Skype. Students are highly encouraged to record the class while our tutors teach.

After the class has ended, students are welcomed and encouraged to review the material after class. They can now refer to the exact explanation said during class. He will not need to go through the internal struggle of choosing to embarrass himself by texting or having to request for repetition of the explanation. In addition, the permanence of online material encourages independent learning. Students cannot rely on the pretext of "lack of materials" for review and revision.

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Times have changed...

Times have changed since COVID-19 broke out. People are no longer restricted by geographical boundaries for work. It can be done anywhere.

We ought to move forward with the times and circumstances. For some, online tuition is an alternative when home tuition cannot be done. After all, teaching is about that human touch that is difficult to replicate across a LED screen. However, there are still pros to online classes. Students are slowly adapting and opening up to the option of online classes.

Our tutors at VANTAGE TUTOR pride ourselves on our ability to connect with students. We believe that a strong professional yet cordial relationship between tutee and tutor is the key to our student's success. Over the past 2 years, we have adjusted accordingly to the context of online teaching. We have used unconventional methods of teaching while maintaining a similar level of human touch.

You may always contact us for a trial lesson. We, at VANTAGE TUTOR, are patient and reliable. Our A level tutors are available for both home and online tuition. We have helped countless students improve their grades and achieve their academic goals in various subjects. So, join us and be A Class Above The Rest.

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