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Queenstown 2022 Secondary School E Math Paper 1

Updated: Jul 9

This is the short summary of the Prelim Paper Review I've done for

My 3 matrices:

Relevance: 7.5/10

Insightfulness: 6.5/10

Difficulty: 6/10

Overall: 6.5/10

Expectation: 80%

Key questions to consider:

Question 5 - Direct & Inverse Proportions

Question 12 - Statistics & Probability

Question 15 - Similarity and Congruency

Question 16 - Set Notations

Question 20 - Application of Trigonometry

Question 24 - Quadratic Graphs

Short writeup:

The 2022 Queensway Secondary School E Math Paper 1 is an ideal choice for preparing students for their Weighted Assessment 2 (WA2). This paper covers key topics often tested in Secondary 4 WA2, such as statistics, matrices, and set notations, making it a valuable revision tool.

While the paper doesn't feature particularly creative questions, it engages students at a decent level and isn't overly difficult. This makes it suitable for practice, especially for students aiming to strengthen their fundamentals before tackling more challenging papers later in the year.

Overall, I recommend this paper to students who are average to below average in their E Math performance. It serves as a great stepping stone in your revision journey, helping you build confidence and skills for more advanced practice.

To maximize your preparation, consider engaging in a one-time paid consultation class with me. After marking your exam paper, I'll provide detailed feedback and guide you through each question. This personalized approach will help you understand your mistakes, improve your skills, and boost your confidence for the actual exams.

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