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Different individuals have different needs when it comes to studying.

Some prefer to study in groups while others prefer their solidarity.

There are reasons and proven benefits for studying in groups. In this article, we present to you the 3 main reasons why you should form a study group.

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Everyone is equal

A study group has an interesting dynamic. The group usually consists of at least 1 over-achiever in academics, 1 academic straggler and a bunch of average joes. However, at the same time, all of you are in the same position. Students.

You are all trying to improve in order to achieve the variety of goals that each of you has. Simultaneously, the student who is better could help you in your area of weakness. You don't feel as embarrassed asking him compared to your teachers. You feel more compelled and safer to ask the question that you always wanted to ask but never did for fear of judgment. A study group offers a safe space for a student to study and bond.

Peer support

Furthermore, you all share a common goal which is to excel in the exams (I hope). You understand each other's struggles that nobody outside could empathize with. Parents may simply brush you off by claiming it's a process of growing up and to simply get over it. While your friends are usually going through similar predicaments as you are.

Even though one of you may be significantly better than the rest academically, you feel a sense of familiarity, knowing that everyone is on the same boat. You can laugh over stupid jokes that people outside your group wouldn't understand. You could grieve over the 1 mark you lost due to a careless mistake that cost you an A1. Anything goes and people in the study group would still give you the emotional support you need.

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It's fun... and FREE

Truth be told, study groups may not always be formed between close friends. Realistically, groups are formed to include that over-achiever in hopes that he would provide you the academic help - for free.

Tuition is expensive. Teachers could be stand-offish. Your close friend sucks at math. The most convenient thing to do is form a study group with people who are more academically inclined than you are. They may have run into the same problem that you did before eventually solving the question. They could offer you their thought process. They can offer you a perspective that is easier to comprehend on the student level, making it a lot more relatable. Furthermore, they are generally more available than every other option out there. The best part?

It's free.

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The team makes the dream work

It is incredibly important to us that our tutees are able to enjoy tuition and truly appreciate the teachings taught to them. Personally, we believe that students learn best when they have fun. Study groups offer a reprieve from work by having friends right next to you. They offer the retreat you need from studying there and then immediately.

Regardless, We, at VANTAGE TUTOR, are known to create a fun and relaxed environment during tuition. At the same time, we are able to help students achieve significant improvements in Math and Science subjects. Students have feedback that we are like a friend who knows more than them. They don't feel as much pressure and are able to express their concerns and queries openly.

Contact us and our math and science tutors would be more than happy to assist you.

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