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Vantage Tutor

How it began

In July of 2017, Mr Chen had just freshly graduated out of National University of Singapore. He spent 4 years studying Chemistry and was selected to attend the Joint Minor Program @ University of Toronto for 6 months. He graduated with a Degree in Science with Honours, Major in Chemistry, Minor in Environmental Chemistry.

As an enthusiastic and devoted public speaker, Mr Chen saw no better purpose in life than passing on his ideas in through teaching. However, his passion and purpose, specifically, in teaching remained undiscovered until his curiosity led to a 2 year contract as a tutor at a tuition centre.

Ever since then, over 50 tutees, of a variety of profiles, have been under his tutelage. He has delivered proven results and success in Math and Science tuition. And in 2019, he established VANTAGE TUTOR, with the goal of being A Class Above The Rest.


Part of Mr Chen and his tutors' passion is sharing ideas and teaching quick fixes for students' continued academics development & beyond.

School LIbrary

Personal anecdotes & tips

Many students find the transition to subsequent education level (Junior College) difficult. Some work too hard and burn out. While others over-estimate their ability based on their last result and only realizes when it's too late. In these articles, lead tutor Mr Chen, based on his own experience preparing for his O level and A level, will share his insights on how he rode through the stormy seas that is each education institute.

Student in Library

The "NOW WHAT?" Series

Everybody will experience a "NOW WHAT?" moment, usually upon reaching a milestone. Many students are left wandering on their own in their O level and A level preparations. Mr Chen doesn't claim to be an expert navigator of life nor a life coach. But he will share with you his insights based on experience and his views of the world.

Tuition & Enrichment

Knowledge for Every Level

A level / IB / Diploma

The 'A' levels / IB / Diploma is arguably the most important hurdle to overcome in a student's academic life. It is the final obstacle before a student gets to the holy grail, University.

Even though 'A' levels, IB and Diploma differs in various ways, Mr Chen spent his budding years as a tutor on exposing himself to all 3 different syllabus for Mathematics, Chemistry & Economics.

For A level & International Baccalaureate tuition, Mr Chen and his team's strengths lies in delivering tuition for H2 Math, Chemistry and Economics.


GCE / IGCSE O & N levels

When Mr Chen was first awarded a 2 year contract at a tuition centre in Dec 2017, his immediate task was to take on graduating N / O level students.

Today, Mr Chen maintains an impressive 57% distinction rate for N / O level students & 44% distinction rate for IP1~4 students.


For Secondary school, Mr Chen and his team's strengths lie in delivering tuition for Math, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.


Primary & PSLE

The Primary School Leaving Exam (PSLE) is arguably the most anxiety-inducing cause of concern for parents. It is the first major exam of a student's academic life.

Mr Chen had several Primary School students as private tutees and saw all of them through their 2020 PSLE. 

Mr Chen and his team's strength lies in delivering Math, Science and Chinese tuition at primary school level.


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